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Dr. Schwab Anti-Aging Products Ambrosia Professional Care Sea Enzyme Spa Products

Skin Effects botanical Skin Care Beauty Products

Botanical Natural Skin Care Lines: Dr. D. Schwab,  Ambrosia,  Sea Enzyme

Dr. D. Schwab Anti-aging Line:  Dr. D. Schwab is a trademark of CA Botana
Skin care treatment formulations that provide powerful botanical anti-aging beauty and preventative skincare maintenance. Dr. D. Schwab corrects many of today's skin problems due to environmental abuse, aging skin, dry skin, oily skin, and oxidative stress, as well as stress related problems that produce skin lines, and skin wrinkles.

Ambrosia Professional skin care line:  Ambrosia is a trademark of CA Botana
The Ambrosia skin care collection is a professional line of European  treatments designed to reduce skin problems. The unique formulations of these ingredients s and revitalizes tissues, and promotes proper balance in the skin.  Additionally, they gently and naturally correct skin anomalies, and bring moisture and elasticity to peak performance, which results in the skin's youthful appearance.

Sea Enzyme Full Body Spa Line: 
The Sea Enzyme is a full body spa line of botanical skincare products that include a precise balance of marine extracts such as algae, seaweed, kelp, seawater, and enzymes. The ultimate skin and hair balancer.  You can create a SPA experience at home with this botanical line.

Skin Effects European skincare products are botanical safe, and derived from re-growable resources, herbal extracts, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, fresh at all times and microbiologically controlled. The products are never animal tested or made with animal by-products.

Patent Pending Liposomal technology is built into all three of the the above European Skin care products lines.  This "Patent Pending" process prepares the ingredients into the smallest molecules which allows them to get absorbed deep into the skin's layers.  Powerful botanical ingredients make effective and potent skin care and anti-aging formulas.



G.S.GinkgosomeAnti-aging Serum:  This enriched micro liposome provides immediate  visible results in skin tone, texture, firmness and vitality with just a few drops daily.   Ginkgosome will  be effective with skin healing, collagen synthesis, cell growth, humectants production, moisture to improve the skin's elasticity, and prevention of premature aging. more


Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgo Lift. . . . A supercharged moisturizer to help prevent and treat the visible signs of aging. Replenishes and repairs with a special peptide and oxygen complex with Alphasome C-8™, to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, visibly refine and tone skin firmness while increasing oxygen to help accelerate the cell turnover rate. more


Super Repair Co-Enzyme Q10 Moist: To help prevent and treat the visible signs of aging the new Dr. D. Schwab Super Repair Co-Enzyme Moist is the newest technology in anti-aging.
This highly concentrated formula helps to replenish moisture and repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 


Citrusome Anti-aging Serum: This cutting edge vitamin C technology utilizes its partnership with G.S. Ginkgosome.  Natural vitamin C complex acts as a cellular activator. Skin rejuvenation & anti-wrinkle with vitamin C is staggering. more


Ginkgo Mask:  This mask helps to restore vitality and energy by stimulating the skin. This is an ideal anti-stress mask for active people. With Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Ginkgo Biloba. more


Super Removal Gel
Discover the true oil-free botanical purifying gel.  Bio-active ingredients emulsify and roll away your build-up of sebaceous oil. Helps control oily skin, clogged pores, blemishes, and rolls blackheads away. Remove blackheads easily with this product. 


Retinol Rejuvenate Anti-aging and FAST Blemish Controlling Serum: Advanced technology for controlling oily and blemished skin types. Pure Retinol combined with botanical extracts and time release liposome technology help to deliver visible improvement in oily skin problems FAST.  Stop that skin blemish before it has a chance to surface. Worth its weight in gold!more


Liolenic Cell Renewal Day Cream:  Natural ingredients help to maintain your natural moisture level.  Hyaluronic Acid and a Cell Rejuvenation complex help to promote a healthy looking complexion.  The skin appears finer in texture, firmer and more elastic. more


Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid: Uneven skin tone caused by age spots and pigmentation is an issue for everyone. This lightweight fluid smoothens and evens your skin the natural way. more


Ginkgo Gommage:  A synergistic combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy that retextures and rejuvenates dry skin. It is a natural exfoliater without any exfoliation beads. more


Schwab Soft Foam Deep Cleanse: Developed for adult acne and oily skin this advanced technologically  deep cleansing foam allows a precise mixture of liquid and air with a single stroke. This unique soft cleanser leaves any type of skin clean and feeling silky. more

Pumpkin Enzyme Mask:Concentrated Pumpkin Puree, and extracts infused with a essential oils to  help to deep clean and decongest pours, and give a vibrant and bright looking skin Fresh Pumpkin pulp stimulates exfoliation while green tea extract helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots allowing for a refined and smooth feeling skin.  more


Aromatherapy Orange Blossom Cleanser  Gentle organic milk cleanser for healthy and clean skin. The refreshing aroma of orange blossom creates the energy source for your skin. A luxurious milky texture creates a double cleansing action. Non irritating ingredients are used to calm and balance the complexion. Helps to reduce inflammation and red skin tone.more

The Anti-Aging Power Package 
Hit the face aging process with maximum force using these 4 super powerful products.
 Premium products for a serious anti-aging regime.



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100% Botanical European skin care products.




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