Here is our story about skin effects dr. Jeffrey Dover


Our Business name Skin Effects and Website name

  Our Skin Effects business name & website name which was set up in 1997.  

About 8 years later it seemed stolen by a company that sells a skin care product at CVS Pharmacy called Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover. In this day and age when all technical information is so much available through the Internet it's very apparent that anyone setting up the name for a product would be able to check on the Internet to see if anyone else already is using the name. So it's obvious that whoever took our Skin Effects skin care name would have known that it was already set up for another company.
One of the things our company Skin Effects receives many times every year is emails and phone calls about difficulties & harmful problems people are having with the Dr. Jeffrey Dover skin effects products they purchased at CVS Pharmacy. The reason it happens is because when the people go online to check their problems out and search the name skin effects our website comes up first.



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Information about Skin Effects
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